A PSA campaign designed to inform the public about the biology and brain activity of introverts, and how they are hardwired differently than the extrovert that is prized highly in our society. This informative campaign educates on how introversion has been seriously misunderstood as shyness and antisocial behavior, and is concluded with a call to action to stop the cultural bias against introversion.

This campaign includes a 3-poster series, a hardback accordion fold book, an iPad eBook/presentation, a responsive website, and a 4-minute PSA motion graphics video.

PSA video.

Poster series.

Responsive website. View live at

Dopamine 101: What is Dopamine? An interactive eBook for the iPad, explaining basic information of dopamine.

Dopamine 101: What is Dopamine? Demo of eBook concept.

Accordion/flutterbook, featuring quotes from famous introverts regarding their own introverted nature.

Quote spread detail.

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